Growing Tomatoes with Kratky Hydroponics

Why would we want to grow Kratky tomatoes? First, there’s nothing better than a warm, fresh tomato picked fresh from the vine. But the weeding and the work to keep a garden can be daunting. NO MORE! 

Using the Kratky Method of Hydroponics to grow tomatoes, you can have a virtually maintenance free experience. Plus, you can even grow tomatoes indoors with Kratky hydroponics all year long. Mmmmmm…. fresh tomatoes right from the vine in the winter.

Why The Kratky Method

The method is super simple, easy to learn and works well to grow gorgeous tomatoes hydroponically, indoors or outdoors. Just create a hydroponic system using water, a quality led grow light and a simple nutrient solution that is maintenance free. Plus, your tomatoes actually grow faster.

With the invention of micro and dwarf varieties, you can easily grow indoors all year round.

Tomato Varieties that Grow Well With The Kratky Method

Micro / Dwarf Varieties

Wowza, these varieties are super cool, growing tomatoes in a short, compact bush that can easily be grown in limited space. I grow mine on my 2×5 shelf in my office.

Canning / Preserving Varieties

All tomatoes thrive in Kratky hydroponic tomato gardening, including the canning varieties. These will need more space over the micro or dwarf varieties, so they are best grown outdoors.

Outdoor Staking Varieties

While staking varieties can easily grow in the Kratky method, the limitation is space if you want to grow indoors. Outdoors, I think Kratky tomatoes actually grow even better. And, no weeds and easy maintenance!

Tomato Varieties to Avoid

Tomatoes grow super well in teh Kratky method, so there are not many varieties that will not work in this method. You are only limited by your space and outdoor conditions.

Kratky Tomato Maintenance

One of my favorite things is that your Kratky tomatoes will not need to be weeded. You do need to keep them trimmed like normal growing.

Kratky Tomato Containers

You’ll need a larger container for Kratky tomatoes if you are not using the dwarf or micro varities.

Indoor Tomato Gardening

Imagine tomatoes all year long in your Kratky tomato garden. And, they can be  growing all winter long.

Every tomatoe variety can grow well ad thrive in the Kratky hydroponic system. What you choose will depend largely on where you will be growing your Kratky tomatoes.

Purchase Supplies and Starter Kits

When Is tarted growing my Kratky tomato garden, I used whatever I had laying around for containers. I even made my own net cups. Over time, I purchased better equipment and supplies to make the job easier and my garden look nicer.

Net Cups

Buying high-quality net cups will enhance your garden. I invested in some good net cups and am still using the same ones 6 years later.

Growing Mediums

 Rockwool and clay pebbles are a staple for starting your tomato plants and keeping your micro and dwarf varieties long term.


Using the right nutrients in your Kratky tomatoes is key. You’ll want standard nutrients in the beginning, switching to bloom.

What’s best thing about Kratky tomato gardening?

“Picking the bright red fruit from the tiny vines and tasing the flavor burst hooked me on growing micro and dwarf tomatoes indoors. Just seeing the little plants growing make me happy.”

“Wow. I never thought I could grow so much fruit in such a small space. Staggering my plantings ensured I had fresh tomatoes all winter long in my Kratky tomato hydroponic garden.”

“I start my tomatoes indoors and by the time they are kissing the led grow lights, they are all ready to go outside in the spring. I use my Kratky tomato methods to also grow indoors all year long. You can even clone your tomato plants and keep a steady supply of  plants with luscious toamtoes.”

Growing Indoors and Outdoors Year Round

Growing in a greenhouse

Kratky Tomatoes grow very well in a greenhouse, both large and small.

Better than traditional methods

No weeding, less pests and requires much less space to grow your own tomatoes.


Hydroponic tomatoes is great for the environment. Use less pest control and less water.

Grow Hydroponic Tomatoes with the Kratky Method

Starting a Kratky Tomatoe garden is simple, rewarding and so much fun. Learn more on our site.